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Wojciech Leciejewski

Team Leader, Assembly

Wojciech’s career as an electrician started with a childhood passion for learning how things worked. As a kid, he remembers being intrigued by putting lights into Lego toys to see them illuminate. That curiosity drove him later in life to complete an apprenticeship in construction, his first role in Canada.

Today, he’s been a team lead for a year and a half after starting with TMMC as an electrician, a role he held for seven and a half years. Learn more about his journey, how he feels accomplished at work, what he loves about TMMC, and how he’s advanced his career with us.

Why did you join TMMC?

The opportunity to acquire new skills with a globally recognized brand attracted me to TMMC. Transitioning from a construction role to an industrial I knew would be a learning experience, and at TMMC, you are surrounded by team members who have the expertise to help you. My new role is multiskilled, which gave me the opportunity to learn mechanical skills like welding, pneumatics, and hydraulics.

What does a successful day at work look like for you?

A successful day at work for me is when our preventive maintenance effectively minimizes breakdowns. I enjoy finding the root cause of a problem, having that “ah-ha” moment, and the satisfaction of solving an issue in a way that prevents it from reoccurring. You know you are making a difference by keeping the equipment up and running.

Why do you stay at TMMC?

I stay because of the people and the culture. Working with great people from different backgrounds, from construction to industrial to production, benefits all of us in our roles and development. The culture is a team mindset across all levels, which is not always what you find in organizations.

What are some opportunities you have to learn new skills?

There are many opportunities to develop new skills, such as modifying and programming PLCs. For example, one of my team members recently programmed a Super Andon in his spare time. This system collects data from all the production lines, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Another colleague improved the user-friendliness of a new RSM lifter, making the operator’s job much more manageable.