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Ready to troubleshoot what’s missing in your career?

Learn more about our Skilled Trades opportunities.


It’s time to break free and join a team that sees every individual as a vital part of a bigger picture. At TMMC, we’re not just passionate about creating innovative solutions – we’re passionate about creating a culture that fosters growth, creativity, and collaboration. Say goodbye to dull workdays and hello to endless opportunities. It’s time to join a team where you make a difference.

What We Look For

As a valued member of our maintenance team, you’ll play a vital role in maintaining our plant’s machinery and equipment while improving processes to streamline production and minimize disruptions to the line. With a focus on safety, cleanliness, and continuous learning, you’ll have the chance to take your problem-solving skills to the next level and become an integral part of our innovative team.

Our ideal skilled trades team members possess the following qualities:

  • Safety-conscious, with the ability to maintain strict compliance with all safety regulations and protocols.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, able to methodically troubleshoot equipment issues in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to thrive in a team-driven setting.
  • Exceptional multitasking abilities, with a strong focus on attention to detail.
  • Available for rotating day, afternoon, and night shifts, with the ability to work in either our Cambridge or Woodstock facilities.

We believe that the key to our success lies in the excellence and versatility of our team. That’s why we are committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest skilled tradespeople in the industry. If you are ready to embrace a challenging and rewarding career with one of the most dynamic companies in Canada, we invite you to submit your application today.

Our Skilled Trades Teams

Press & Weld
Skilled Trades Team Members play a critical role in maintaining electrical and mechanical machinery, dies and equipment, while improving processes to minimize disruption to the press/weld lines. We focus on safety while maximizing equipment uptime, efficiency, and cost savings.
Plastics & Paint
Skilled Trades Team Members play a critical role in maintaining electrical and mechanical machinery and equipment, while improving processes to minimize disruption to the plastics/paint lines. We focus on safety while maximizing equipment uptime, efficiency, and cost savings.
Skilled Trades Team Members play a critical role in maintaining electrical and mechanical machinery and equipment, while improving processes to minimize disruption to the assembly line. We focus on safety while maximizing equipment uptime, efficiency, and cost savings.
Facilities & Building Services
Skilled Trades Team Members play a critical role in maintaining uninterrupted power and utilities for our automotive manufacturing plants. We focus on safety while maximizing equipment uptime, efficiency, and cost savings.

Day-In-The-Life of a Skilled Trades Team Member

Behind every Toyota vehicle lies a skilled trades team that is dedicated to maintaining our world-class manufacturing operations. In this exclusive look into a day in the life of a skilled trades team member at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), you’ll witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of a career that’s rooted in collaboration, innovation, and a passion for excellence.

Requirements for our Electrician, Millwright, Tool & Die, Operating Engineer and Apprentice

Ontario 309A/442A Electrician or 426A/433A Millwright Certificate, Inter-Provincial or Red Seal Certificate of Qualification is required. Completion of Apprenticeship is preferred, or 5 years relevant work experience as a Licensed Skilled Team Member.

Ontario or Inter-Provincial Tool & Die Maker (430A)/Mould Maker (431A) Certificate of Qualification is required. Completion of Apprenticeship as a Tool & Die/Mould Maker is preferred, or 5 years relevant experience as a Licensed Tool & Die Maker.

2nd Class Operating Engineer Certificate of Qualification preferred, 3rd Class Operating Engineer Certificate of Qualification and currently working towards 2nd class qualifications will be considered.

For our Electrician/Millwright Apprenticeship positions, a Diploma in Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Automation Maintenance, Industrial Maintenance Technician/ Engineering Technology (learning outcomes met Levels 1 and 2 of the Electrician and Millwright apprenticeship programs in Ontario) is required.

Opportunity to Make an Impact

At TMMC, we believe in the philosophy of continuous improvement/kaizen. From challenging your thinking to finding the reason for a problem using 5 why analysis, you’ll be part of a culture that’s committed to creating solutions and making improvements every single day. Here, everyone is encouraged to work proactively on projects to increase overall equipment effectiveness, breakdown recovery, quality improvements and cost savings.

Here’s a look at some of our kaizen opportunities:

  • Improve robot cycle and handling time
  • Reduce water usage in the paint process
  • Traffic control management for automated guided vehicles
  • Implement wireless technology for press handling equipment

Future opportunities for offline work centered around special projects, managing spare parts inventory, weekend work & shut down activity planning and pilot team (equipment buy-offs, safety confirmation, equipment integration and PLC programming)

TMMC CARES about Your Safety

(Compliance, Accountability, Reporting, Excellence and Sustaining)

The welfare of everyone across our organization remains our highest priority. That’s why we have standardized safety procedures and equipment to ensure our team members are empowered to succeed while staying safe. All equipment is labelled with personal protective equipment requirements, voltage rating and arc flash information, so all the information you need to work safely is easily accessible.

To help our team members perform their roles as safely as possible, our managers participate in a Safety Concentration hour each and every day. In addition, our safety training is structured to go beyond the industry standard.

Training & Learning

On the Skilled Trades team, you’ll find a leadership team who are committed to your success and professional development. We offer on-the-job training that continuously develops skills, knowledge, and capabilities – no matter where you are in your career. From nonstop learning to company-wide support, you’ll get the knowledge you need to be successful in your role.

Here’s a look at our on-the-job training:

  • Information on the equipment, troubleshooting, the production line & process
  • Job shadowing with experienced team members troubleshooting equipment breakdowns
  • Online information for self-study (schematics, equipment drawings, troubleshooting equipment issues and job element sheets)

Here’s a look at our formal cross-training for mechanical and/or electrical skills:

  • Electrical code, motor controls and PLCs (including Toyopuc – Toyota’s PLC)
  • Mechanical maintenance practices, fluid power and welding

Additional career support through reimbursement for professional development and personal interest tuition fees.


There’s nothing like the confidence of having detailed work plans that guide job performance. It not only keeps our team members informed, but it also gives them the tools they need to get the job done – and get it done right. From daily reporting about breakdowns, significant events, company communication and shift start meetings, we’re always finding new ways to be more efficient.

Maintaining equipment performance plays an important role in achieving equipment uptime and production line targets.

Here’s a look at the resources available to team members:

  • Formal reporting & tracking in SAP ensures any information gained from resolving an equipment breakdown issue is retained for future use
  • Breakdown tracking helps our team members identify opportunities for improvement and preventative maintenance requirements
  • Predictive technologies such as vibration analysis, thermography, and current monitoring to maintain equipment uptimes.

Support and Collaboration

At TMMC, we care about each other’s well-being, goals and success. We’re a like-minded, passionate, knowledgeable and highly-experienced team that comes together to help solve problems wherever and whenever possible. It’s our all-hands-on-deck attitude that ensures no one team member is overburdened or feels alone. Our work is evenly distributed and our shift changes are standardized – all support smooth handovers, seamless transitions and excellent teamwork throughout the workday.

What Our Team Members Say

“I’m working with competent people. There are no communication barriers. You can build friendships here. Everyone has access to the same information.  Team members document what they have figured out about the machine. No one has an advantage over another person. Everyone is equal.”

– Sandip, Maintenance Team Member

“This role is good for someone interested in learning and someone looking for a dynamic role. You get training for different things – high voltage systems, arc flash and building automation. You can get involved in kaizens and get introduced to new technologies. Technology changes quicker in manufacturing than other industries.”

– Gordon, Maintenance Team Member

I like being multiskilled. By doing both mechanical and electrical you are able to see the big picture and understand the whole machine… I have the opportunity to work with different types of equipment that are unique to the automotive manufacturing industry, like the slush machine. It is an interesting machine – the manufacturing process and systems. 

Natino, Maintenance Team Member