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Let’s connect our futures

We take a partnership approach to recruiting at TMMC. When we meet someone with potential, in our eyes, there is a potential future for us. While the timing may not be right today, we’d like to stay in touch and look forward to when we can connect again. 

This is why we have CareerConnect. Through our platform, you can stay informed about opportunities at TMMC and we can share roles with you that might meet your skills and aspirations. 

What's in it for you

What else is in it for you?

  • Timely updates about our company, product news and other important announcements 
  • Exclusive content about what it’s like to work at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) 
  • Public training opportunities and events  
  • Opportunity to network with our Recruiters 

Day in the Life Video

Hear from our employees about what it’s like to work with TMMC in a Skilled Trades position. 

Not only do we make safety, performance and teamwork our priorities, we believe that anyone can reach their highest potential. Let’s stay connected and explore the future together.

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Respect and privacy 

  • We only send out to people we’ve met and people we feel we should stay in touch with 
  • Opt in now to check it out and you can always opt out later — your choice 
  • We don’t share or sell your information — this is our private communications channel